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Promoting the Power of Perennials 

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The Sustainable Biomass Alliance unites those who are passionate about the proven contribution bioenergy and biomaterials have towards achieving net zero by 2050. It's our mission to ensure sustainable biomass takes a central role in the UK government's decarbonisation strategy.

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 William Cracroft-Eley

Terravesta chairman

Alex Robinson

Terravesta chief operating officer

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Our vision

We believe sustainable biomass should be at the heart of the UK's net zero strategy.

Not only does it provide alternative uses to fossil fuels, it simultaneously stores carbon, its good for our soil biodiversity, creating habitats for a host of wildlife and it's profitable for our farmers.

The Committee on Climate Change states that planting perennial energy crops, including Miscanthus and short rotation willow coppice, alongside short rotation forestry needs to accelerate quickly to at least 30,000 hectares a year by 2035, so that 700,000 hectares are planted by 2050 to reach net zero.

There is currently only around 3,000 hectares of willow and 7,000 hectares of Miscanthus grown in the UK and it's our mission to ensure policy supports more planting.

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